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What thickness should hardwood floors have?

A parquet floor is not only versatile and visually appealing, but also convinces with its durability. The decisive criterion for the service life is what thickness the parquet has. An overview of the commercialstrengths and the different structure of parquet floors can be found in this article. In which thicknesses is parquet available? The thickness […]

Water damage to hardwood flooring: Repair or replace?

If parquet is arched or swollen, excessive moisture is often the reason. While superficial water damage can be detected quickly and easily, the cause can also be hidden under the floor. In this article you will learn what causes excessive moisture under the parquet and how to proceed in case of water damage. How does […]

Floor protection mats: How to protect your floor

Whether parquet, carpet or laminate – excessive load is not good for the floor. Especially at workplaces with desk and office chair, the floor is heavily stressed. A floor protection mat as a chair mat prevents damage and protects the floor covering. Office chair pads – the optimal floor protection Desk chairs with castors can […]

When and why do hardwood floors darken?

Parquet darkens for several reasons. Some types of wood change colour with age and become darker. In addition, the influence of light and sunlight plays a major role in light wood floors. If the room is exposed to permanent sunlight in summer, the parquet can darken relatively quickly. You can prevent the effect of UV […]

What thickness should vinyl flooring have

The range of vinyl bases is diverse – they are available not only in countless colours and designs, but also in various thicknesses. It is not so easy to keep an overview and to make the right choice, especially not. The following summary of commercially available vinyl flooring thicknesses and their areas of application should […]

Joints in the vinyl floor: This is to be done!

Slicone sealants for sealing joints in vinyl floors Joints in vinyl flooring are not only unattractive to look at, but sometimes also carry the risk of permanent damage. In the following, you will learn what you should therefore already consider when laying vinyl flooring and what you can do if joints in the vinyl floor […]

Repair vinyl floor: How to easily remove scratches & Co

Recommended repair sets from this article: vinyl floors are considered to be resistant and robust, but they are not indestructible. Heavy furniture, excessive strain or small household accidents can leave their mark. In this article you will learn how best to repair damage to your vinyl floor. How can damage be caused to the vinyl […]

Vinyl floor on the wall: How to fix it correctly

Contact adhesive for fixing vinyl floors to the wall Gluing a vinyl floor to the wall is a novel and increasingly popular alternative in interior design. This article explains what is important when installing vinyl floors on the wall. Until now, vinyl was primarily known and proven for laying on floors. But modern vinyl floors […]

Top 10 most popular hardwood flooring types and patterns

parquet floors are fully in line with the trend in Germany. This can be seen not least in the offers of the parquet manufacturers. The focus is increasingly on exclusive and individual types of parquet and flooring, which above all rely on the original character of the wood. A natural surface finish and new interpretations […]