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What is the best way to store hardwood floors?

Parquet is a natural material, wood can react sensitively to strong temperature fluctuations. You can prevent this by not processing parquet immediately after purchase and transport. The material must be acclimatised to room temperature before laying. Store the planks (in their packaging) in the room where they will later be laid. The storage period is […]

Decoupling mat Tiles: little effort – great effect

They have already become the standard for professional tilers – and the use of decoupling mats definitely has advantages for do-it-yourselfers too. Because by decoupling from the subfloor, consequential damage during tile installation can be reliably prevented. In this article you can read about when a decoupling mat makes sense, what functions it fulfils and […]

Tiles & underfloor heating: answers to the most frequently asked questions

Tiles and underfloor heating have one thing in common: both offer building owners numerous advantages in terms of living comfort and therefore form an ideal combination. Nevertheless, the topic repeatedly raises uncertainties and questions in the run-up to the event. You will find the most important answers in this article. Which floor covering is best […]

Moisture under tiles: Determine and correctly remedy

Although tiles are generally considered to be virtually waterproof, they do not protect against water damage. And it is not only unpleasant, but can also be expensive and even dangerous. In this article you will learn what causes moisture under tiles, how to find a wet spot and how best to eliminate the problem. Risk […]

Removing hardwood floors – this is how it works

At some point, the time comes for each parquet floor when it must be removed. Depending on the type of installation and the type of hardwood flooring, diligent do-it-yourselfers can carry out the work themselves or commission a specialist company. The decisive factor is whether it is finished parquet or solid parquet. The used parquet […]

Hardwood flooring in the kitchen – what really matters

In earlier times, the living room was the centre of an apartment. In many households today, the kitchen takes up this part. Not only are meals prepared and food stored here, but the kitchen has become a cosy meeting place for the whole family. If it is an eat-in kitchen, it is also eaten together. […]