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Can steam cleaner be used on hardwood flooring?

Steam cleaners have increasingly established themselves in recent years as an alternative to wiper mop and buckets in households. Due to the power of steam, even stubborn dirt can be effectively removed without additional cleaning agents. But are steam cleaners also suitable for use on parquet? The answer is basically yes – but not for […]

Drying screed for hardwood floors – how long?

An even, firm and dry screed is an absolute requirement for the professional laying of parquet and a durable, high-quality floor. In this article you will learn what is important for the professional installation of the subfloor and how long screed for parquet must dry. Testing of the subsoil In principle, it is possible to […]

Floor protection mats: How to protect your floor

Whether parquet, carpet or laminate – excessive load is not good for the floor. Especially at workplaces with desk and office chair, the floor is heavily stressed. A floor protection mat as a chair mat prevents damage and protects the floor covering. Office chair pads – the optimal floor protection Desk chairs with castors can […]

Water damage to hardwood flooring: Repair or replace?

If parquet is arched or swollen, excessive moisture is often the reason. While superficial water damage can be detected quickly and easily, the cause can also be hidden under the floor. In this article you will learn what causes excessive moisture under the parquet and how to proceed in case of water damage. How does […]

What thickness should hardwood floors have?

A parquet floor is not only versatile and visually appealing, but also convinces with its durability. The decisive criterion for the service life is what thickness the parquet has. An overview of the commercialstrengths and the different structure of parquet floors can be found in this article. In which thicknesses is parquet available? The thickness […]

Vinyl floor on underfloor heating: You should know that!

vinyl floor and underfloor heating – a combination that is becoming increasingly popular. Nevertheless, it is a topic that always raises questions. In this article you can find out which vinyl flooring is suitable for underfloor heating systems and what you should bear in mind when laying , so that you can benefit from the […]

Can hardwood floors be laid on tiles?

If an existing floor covering of tiles is to be replaced with parquet, this is generally possible without removing the old tiles. However, there are a number of important aspects to consider when laying parquet on tiles. The following article will tell you what these are. Which parquet is for laying on tiles Suitable? Multilayer […]

Oiling hardwood floors – the ultimate guide

Oiled parquet has many advantages, but also needs the right care. Regularly re-oiling not only makes wear and tear disappear and the hardwood flooring shines in all its glory again, but the floor also receives care and protection. In this article you will learn how to oil your hardwood flooring best and which parquet oils […]