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Hardwood flooring care: the ultimate guide

A floor is exposed to high loads every day. Due to its robust and resistant material properties, parquet is therefore one of the most popular floor coverings. However, in order for your parquet to withstand these stresses over a long period of time, it needs the correct cleaning and care. In this article you will […]

How to: sealing hardwood floors

Parquet lacquer effectively equips the parquet for the daily influences. The parquet surface is sealed by the applied lacquer layer and receives the necessary protection. What is important when lacquering parquet, what types and manufacturers of parquet lacquer there are and what needs to be taken into account when sealing parquet can be found in […]

Guide to the correct tile wear group

The abrasion group plays an important role in the search for the right floor tiles. This is because it shows how well the product can withstand daily stress. In the following article you will find out into which abrasion classes tiles are classified and for which areas they are therefore suitable. Whether in private living […]

INFO: everything about tile slip resistance

While slip-resistant tiles are mandatory in public and commercial areas, there is no obligation whatsoever for the private sector. However, why you should also pay attention to the slip resistance of your tiles in your own four walls and how you can ensure the necessary slip resistance, you will find out in the following article. […]

Filling joints in hardwood floors correctly

Joints in parquet are nothing out of the ordinary and usually there is neither inferior material quality nor poorly executed laying work behind them. Nevertheless, parquet joints are often perceived as annoying. In the following article you can read why parquet joints are not bad in themselves and what you can use to fill joints […]

Hardwood flooring adhesive/glue

The full-surface gluing of parquet forms the basis for a stable and durable floor, because the fixed connection with the subfloor provides significant advantages. However, gluing hardwood flooring involves considerable effort. What is important when gluing parquet and which parquet adhesive is the right one, you will learn in this article. Parquet adhesive recommendations from […]

Water damage to hardwood flooring: Repair or replace?

If parquet is arched or swollen, excessive moisture is often the reason. While superficial water damage can be detected quickly and easily, the cause can also be hidden under the floor. In this article you will learn what causes excessive moisture under the parquet and how to proceed in case of water damage. How does […]

What thickness should hardwood floors have?

A parquet floor is not only versatile and visually appealing, but also convinces with its durability. The decisive criterion for the service life is what thickness the parquet has. An overview of the commercialstrengths and the different structure of parquet floors can be found in this article. In which thicknesses is parquet available? The thickness […]

Which vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors?

In order to be able to enjoy a beautiful and well-kept hardwood flooring for as long as possible, regular cleaning and care is essential. For dry cleaning of hardwood flooring, vacuum cleaners are the ideal tool. You can find out what is important for the optimal vacuum cleaner for parquet and which products are available […]