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The ultimate guide: Sanding and sealing hardwood floors

When should parquet be sanded? parquet is sanded down during renovation. There is no standard time period for this. Under normal use, a interval of ten to fifteen years is sufficient. The decisive factor is wear and tear. Depending on how worn out the parquet looks, sanding can be necessary more or less frequently. Often […]

What’s the best vacuum cleaner for vinyl floors?

A vinyl floor is not only convincing because of its appearance, but is also robust and easy to clean. The quick and easy cleaning of a vinyl floor works best with a vacuum cleaner. In this article you will learn what is important for a vacuum cleaner for vinyl flooring. Vacuum cleaner for vinyl floor […]

Vinyl flooring in outdoor areas – yes or no?

vinyl flooring is considered to be a robust and resistant flooring that offers numerous advantages. However, the laying of a vinyl floor in outdoor areas is not recommended in principle. Find out in this article why this is the case – and which floor coverings are better suited for outdoors than vinyl floors. While vinyl […]

What is the best way to store hardwood floors?

Parquet is a natural material, wood can react sensitively to strong temperature fluctuations. You can prevent this by not processing parquet immediately after purchase and transport. The material must be acclimatised to room temperature before laying. Store the planks (in their packaging) in the room where they will later be laid. The storage period is […]

Tiles or hardwood flooring – Which is better?

parquet or tiles? When it comes to the floor covering in an apartment, the decision is often made between these two variants, depending on the room use. Whether tiles or parquet is the better choice depends on subjective preferences, the spatial conditions and the respective material properties. If you want to buy parquet, you should […]

Hardwood flooring or carpet – which is better?

When fitting out the interior of an apartment or house, but also during renovation work, the question of the right floor covering always arises. The decision is usually made between hardwood flooring and carpeting, especially when it comes to living room, bedroom and children’s room. Both floor coverings have specific advantages, but the respective disadvantages […]

Are vinyl floors healthy?

Many of our customers are concerned about the question of whether vinyl soils contain harmful substances, which could harm health in the long term. Vinyl flooring, for example, is suspected of being a heavy burden on the environment already during production or of containing harmful plasticizers. This article explains: Environmentally friendly vinyl floor without pollutants […]

Buy vinyl flooring: Avoid these 6 errors

Vinyl floor coverings are now among the most sought-after floor coverings in both the private residential and commercial sectors. There are many arguments in favour of buying a vinyl floor in the course of renovation or for new buildings: In addition to excellent mechanical and hygienic properties, floors made of solid vinyl offer excellent thermal […]