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Best hardwood flooring for living rooms

With a hardwood flooring in the living room, a wide range of possibilities in interior design are opened up. Floors made of the natural raw material wood are not only robust and durable, but also ensure a healthy room climate and a pleasant living atmosphere. The personal requirements are decisive for the choice of the […]

Oiling hardwood floors – the ultimate guide

Oiled parquet has many advantages, but also needs the right care. Regularly re-oiling not only makes wear and tear disappear and the hardwood flooring shines in all its glory again, but the floor also receives care and protection. In this article you will learn how to oil your hardwood flooring best and which parquet oils […]

Tip: Shortening the door explained simply

When a new floor is laid, additional height is usually to be expected. For example, if a carpet flooring is removed and replaced by a hardwood flooring, the subfloor structure grows from 4 mm to 15 mm. To ensure that the doors can continue to be used, the door must be shortened. In addition, the […]

Can hardwood floors be laid on tiles?

If an existing floor covering of tiles is to be replaced with parquet, this is generally possible without removing the old tiles. However, there are a number of important aspects to consider when laying parquet on tiles. The following article will tell you what these are. Which parquet is for laying on tiles Suitable? Multilayer […]

The advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring

vinyl bottom has many advantages, but also some disadvantages. For many public institutions, companies and private households it is the optimal floor covering. The vinyl flooring advantages that you should consider when buying vinyl flooring, and what disadvantages vinyl flooring has, are explained below. Vinyl flooring and its advantages Vinyl flooring has many advantages, it […]

Order vinyl floor samples online free of charge

Here you can find vinyl floor patterns: Rent a vinyl floor sample at the hardware store In the DIY store you have the opportunity to view many different vinyl floors directly on site. Here, not only design and colour can be viewed in daylight, but also whether the structure of the surface is pleasing can […]