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Which skirting board fits my floor?

Berlin profile Hamburg profile Maple skirting board Beech skirting board Oak skirting board Grey skirting board Walnut skirting board Walnut skirting board White skirting boards The color of your base To find the right bar for your floor, it’s best to look at some patterns in direct comparison. The color plays a very important role […]

Vinyl floor on underfloor heating: You should know that!

vinyl floor and underfloor heating – a combination that is becoming increasingly popular. Nevertheless, it is a topic that always raises questions. In this article you can find out which vinyl flooring is suitable for underfloor heating systems and what you should bear in mind when laying , so that you can benefit from the […]

What thickness should hardwood floors have?

A parquet floor is not only versatile and visually appealing, but also convinces with its durability. The decisive criterion for the service life is what thickness the parquet has. An overview of the commercialstrengths and the different structure of parquet floors can be found in this article. In which thicknesses is parquet available? The thickness […]

Oiling hardwood floors – the ultimate guide

Oiled parquet has many advantages, but also needs the right care. Regularly re-oiling not only makes wear and tear disappear and the hardwood flooring shines in all its glory again, but the floor also receives care and protection. In this article you will learn how to oil your hardwood flooring best and which parquet oils […]

Are hardwood floors suitable for children’s rooms?

Basically parquet can be laid in any room. However, there are a few points to consider when planning to lay floorboards or parquet in the children’s room. The floor covering has a positive influence on the indoor climate. However, it is harder than a carpet and, depending on the type of wood and surface treatment, […]

Removing the vinyl floor: How it works

vinyl floors are easy to install – and almost as easy to remove again. However, depending on the age, condition and installation technique of the floor, there are a few things to consider. Learn below how best to remove your vinyl floor and dispose of the residue properly. What is important when removing vinyl floors […]

Top 10 most popular hardwood flooring types and patterns

parquet floors are fully in line with the trend in Germany. This can be seen not least in the offers of the parquet manufacturers. The focus is increasingly on exclusive and individual types of parquet and flooring, which above all rely on the original character of the wood. A natural surface finish and new interpretations […]

What thickness should vinyl flooring have

The range of vinyl bases is diverse – they are available not only in countless colours and designs, but also in various thicknesses. It is not so easy to keep an overview and to make the right choice, especially not. The following summary of commercially available vinyl flooring thicknesses and their areas of application should […]

Joints in the vinyl floor: This is to be done!

Slicone sealants for sealing joints in vinyl floors Joints in vinyl flooring are not only unattractive to look at, but sometimes also carry the risk of permanent damage. In the following, you will learn what you should therefore already consider when laying vinyl flooring and what you can do if joints in the vinyl floor […]

Vinyl flooring on stairs: How it works

Whether new construction or renovation – the choice of suitable covering often does not only concern the floor area, but in many cases also includes the stairs. A vinyl floor is a proven alternative to other materials when it’s covered with stairs, because it convinces in many ways. The advantages of a vinyl floor staircase […]