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Tiles in outdoor areas: That’s what counts

Terrace, balcony or garden can be tastefully decorated with tiles in various styles according to individual preferences. However, the requirements are much higher outdoors than indoors. In this article you will find out which requirements tiles must fulfil in order to be able to exist permanently as floor coverings outdoors and what you should absolutely […]

Are hardwood floors suitable for dogs and cats?

Many dog and cat owners ask themselves the question whether parquet floors and pets are compatible. Four-legged roommates should feel comfortable, at the same time the floor should not be damaged. The combination parquet and cat is almost always harmless. With parquet and dog it looks a little more critical. The type of wood and […]

Hardwood flooring in the kitchen – what really matters

In earlier times, the living room was the centre of an apartment. In many households today, the kitchen takes up this part. Not only are meals prepared and food stored here, but the kitchen has become a cosy meeting place for the whole family. If it is an eat-in kitchen, it is also eaten together. […]

Parquet or hardwood flooring – which is better?

Once the decision has been made for a wooden floor, the question arises as to whether parquet or planks are more suitable. In this case it is helpful to know the differences and the specific advantages. Each of the two floor coverings has certain advantages. In addition to the material and the special properties, the […]

Removing hardwood floors – this is how it works

At some point, the time comes for each parquet floor when it must be removed. Depending on the type of installation and the type of hardwood flooring, diligent do-it-yourselfers can carry out the work themselves or commission a specialist company. The decisive factor is whether it is finished parquet or solid parquet. The used parquet […]

Expansion joint tiles: All you need to know

Expansion joints is the decisive keyword for a permanently beautiful and damage-free tiled floor. After all, like almost any other material, tiles need sufficient room to move to be able to work. In this article you can read about the important functions of an expansion joint, where it is required and how best to create […]