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Can hardwood floors be laid on tiles?

If an existing floor covering of tiles is to be replaced with parquet, this is generally possible without removing the old tiles. However, there are a number of important aspects to consider when laying parquet on tiles. The following article will tell you what these are. Which parquet is for laying on tiles Suitable? Multilayer […]

Laminate cutter comparison

What exactly is a laminate cutter? There are countless materials to buy in stores today, such as hardwood flooring laminate or vinyl flooring. These materials vary in many ways, not only in terms of resistance and material thickness, but also in shape and size. It is therefore crucial for the craftsman to always have the […]

What thickness should hardwood floors have?

A parquet floor is not only versatile and visually appealing, but also convinces with its durability. The decisive criterion for the service life is what thickness the parquet has. An overview of the commercialstrengths and the different structure of parquet floors can be found in this article. In which thicknesses is parquet available? The thickness […]

Which vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors?

In order to be able to enjoy a beautiful and well-kept hardwood flooring for as long as possible, regular cleaning and care is essential. For dry cleaning of hardwood flooring, vacuum cleaners are the ideal tool. You can find out what is important for the optimal vacuum cleaner for parquet and which products are available […]

Can laminate be laid on hardwood floors?

parquet is a robust and durable floor covering. Nevertheless, it can happen that a new floor is desired in the course of renovation or remodelling and laminate is chosen. The question then arises as to the correct procedure for laying laminate on hardwood flooring. Which parquet is suitable as a substrate for laminate? In general, […]

Which skirting board fits my floor?

Berlin profile Hamburg profile Maple skirting board Beech skirting board Oak skirting board Grey skirting board Walnut skirting board Walnut skirting board White skirting boards The color of your base To find the right bar for your floor, it’s best to look at some patterns in direct comparison. The color plays a very important role […]

Floor protection mats: How to protect your floor

Whether parquet, carpet or laminate – excessive load is not good for the floor. Especially at workplaces with desk and office chair, the floor is heavily stressed. A floor protection mat as a chair mat prevents damage and protects the floor covering. Office chair pads – the optimal floor protection Desk chairs with castors can […]

Expansion joints for hardwood floors: How to proceed

As a natural floor covering made of wood, parquet has many advantages. However, its naturalness also has an effect in that the parquet works. So in order to be able to enjoy a beautiful and intact parquet floor in the long term, expansion joints must be taken into account. In the following you will find […]