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How To Install Engineered Hardwood Over Concrete

If you own a home with a basement, chances are you’ve thought of putting it to better use. That ping-pong table stopped keeping the kids busy a long time ago and now, all it does is hold up a bunch of boxes. What’s stored inside them is anyone’s guess anymore.  If the space is truly […]

How To Fix Hardwood Floor Cupping

One summer afternoon you come down to lunch and you suddenly notice something is not quite right. When your sports magazine slips from your grasp and you bend to pick it up from the floor, you discover what it is. The smooth glossy hardwood surface seems somewhat uneven, dipping slightly in places. What is it and […]

How to Repair Water-Damaged Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are known for being durable and resilient, but they have one big weakness: water. Wood flooring can stand up to years of heavy use, but a little water over time can ruin the beautiful hardwood. Maybe you moved into a house with a damaged wood floor or maybe you have had a flood […]

How To Clean Unfinished Wood Floors

Whatever type of flooring you have in your home, you want your floor to look its best. To accomplish this, the floor has to be clean.  Yet, different flooring types call for different cleaning methods. For most wood floors, you need only be concerned with cleaning the wood finish and not the wood itself. But […]

How To Fix Hardwood Floor Buckling

Buckling is the term that’s used when one or more areas of a floor swell or lift upwards. In some cases, the floor might have only one swollen area whereas, in others, the floor might appear to be wavy or undulating as the floorboards can arch upward several inches. As you can imagine, the sight […]

How To Repair Scratches In Hardwood Floors

The rich, natural beauty of hardwood floors adds elegance and warmth to almost any room. So much that it makes the appearance of a scratch, scrape, or gouge look especially out of place.  Yet, as much as you try to avoid damaging your floor, it’s almost impossible to expect everyone else to be as diligent. […]

How to Remove Mold on Hardwood Floors

For any homeowner, mold is one of the scariest household problems you can find. Unfortunately, it can grow easily with just a little moisture, organic material, and time. Hardwood flooring is one material that is prone to mold growth, especially in a bathroom or kitchen where water is present. Mold can be extremely dangerous to […]

How to Remove Wax Buildup From Wood Floors

In terms of interior decor, hardwood floors have long been considered ideal for bestowing an ambiance of sophistication, or rustic appeal on homes, schools, or workspaces. However, they also have very specific maintenance requirements such as waxing. This procedure is ideal for finished and unfinished hardwood floors and can restore their natural sheen. Waxing hardwood […]

How To Disinfect A Hardwood Floor

Unless you’ve just returned from spending the past year and a half on another planet, you don’t need this or any other article to explain or emphasize the importance of taking precautions against the transmission of disease. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot. The past forty years have given rise to infectious diseases […]

How To Remove Black Stains From Hardwood Floors

It’s possible that at some point in your wooden floor’s lifetime, you’ll encounter an area that has become darkened. This area might consist of a single, dark spot or there may be several spots or even several areas that have become discolored. The color might be a light greyish one, a deep, dark black color, […]