Many of our customers are concerned about the question of whether vinyl soils contain harmful substances, which could harm health in the long term.

Vinyl flooring, for example, is suspected of being a heavy burden on the environment already during production or of containing harmful plasticizers.

This article explains:

  • how the different types of flooring are produced,
  • what they consist of,
  • which substances are actually contained
  • and for what reasons vinyl floors are generally harmless to health

Environmentally friendly vinyl floor without pollutants

Especially the European vinyl flooring manufacturers have faced up to their responsibility in recent years and put a lot of development work into the production of environmentally friendly vinyl floors.

The objectives were, among other things, to make the coatings as climate neutral as possible and to equip them in such a way that they do not harm the environment during disposal.

Today, there is a huge selection of hard-wearing, extremely easy-care vinyl floors that do not contain any plasticizers that are harmful to health, such as phthalates contained in conventional PVC.

The development has now even progressed so far that some producers offer so-called organic soils with softening components from rapeseed oil that meet the strictest EU specifications.

Vinyl Floor: Health & Pollutants
Vinyl floors made of full vinyl are harmless to health. So harmless that you can eat on it.

Features of easy-care vinyl flooring in terms of health

As early as the 1980s, the testing procedures of independent and state institutions were tightened and the production processes of modern PVC floors were drastically improved.

Since then, not only have the properties of vinyl soil improved with respect to health and the environment, but also its properties have improved. Due to their composition and surface structure, advanced vinyl floors are extremely hard-wearing, slip-resistant, footfall sound absorbing, hygienic, anti-allergic and easy to clean.

Neither toxic ingredients nor dangerous plasticizers endanger health, so a vinyl flooring without harmful substances can be laid without hesitation in living rooms, bathrooms, children’s rooms, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and other public facilities. In addition, the diverse designs leave plenty of room for the various design options.

Homogeneous or heterogeneous: Which vinyl floor is better for health?

Homogeneous Vinyl Floor & Health

Homogeneous floor coverings made of solid vinyl are usually produced as sheet material. Because they consist of only one material composition throughout, experts often speak of so-called single-layer coverings. A single-layer vinyl floor without pollutants consists of about 55 % PVC, fillers, additives and pigments. In a special mixing process, the components are mixed together and then formed into webs by means of rollers under the influence of strong heat.

Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring & Health

In comparison, heterogeneous coverings consist of several layers, mostly bottom support layers such as HDF or MDF and an upper wear layer. The upper layer consists of the components already mentioned and is mainly responsible for the useful life. The carrier layers are enriched with chalks, fillers, additives, stabilizers, sometimes also with formaldehyde.

Vinyl Floor Health & Pollutants
Vinyl floors are perfect for children’s rooms: durable, robust and harmless to health.

Conclusion regarding health and the environment:

Although a floor with a carrier layer such as click vinyl may contain formaldehyde, for example, neither a homogeneous nor a heterogeneous constructed vinyl floor has a detrimental effect on health. In addition, a vinyl floor produced in the EU contains so few pollutants in permissible quantities according to the directive that it does not pose a problem for the environment either during production or disposal.

Full vinyl without pollutants vs. vinyl floor with carrier layer

Other major advantages and disadvantages

Although a heterogeneous vinyl flooring does not pose a risk to health any more than sheet material, it is clearly inferior to homogeneous floorings in terms of durability and water resistance .

That is why so-called (mostly heterogeneous) click vinyl floors are mainly used in the private sector or in less stressed rooms. By contrast, homogeneous vinyl floors made of solid vinyl are extremely hard-wearing and, in the case of professional vinyl flooring, are laid using adhesive absolute waterproof. This makes them the ideal choice for highly frequented private rooms, kitchens, wet areas such as showers and baths as well as for public facilities such as schools, doctors’ surgeries or hospitals.

Vinyl floor without pollutants: recognition features

Vinyl floors manufactured in the EU are subject to strict legal requirements.

Plasticizers in the vinyl flooring that could be potentially hazardous to health, such as phthalates or other harmful additives are prohibited. Well-known manufacturers guarantee that their vinyl flooring is harmless to health and the environment with the corresponding packaging information, data sheets and test seals.

In addition, it is recommended to purchase the floor covering from a certified manufacturer in an authorised specialist trade or from a specialist installation company that is familiar with all the properties.

Vinyl Floor: Health & Pollutants
Full vinyl is bonded with solvent-free adhesive and is harmless to health.

High-quality, durable vinyl flooring for health and environment

Customers who want a durable, long-lasting hygienic vinyl flooring should opt for solid vinyl and commission a specialist company to carry out the professional laying using the wet adhesive method.

The main reasons are:

  • Vinyl floor without pollutants, in accordance with strict EU directive.
  • Solid vinyl is guaranteed to contain no formaldehyde, which is why a professionally installed, homogeneous vinyl floor is more beneficial to health than a click floor with HDF/MDF backing.
  • As a rule, vinyl planks are glued together. A specialist company uses solvent-free adhesives in accordance with EU regulations. If, in special cases, the use of a different adhesive should nevertheless be necessary, the installation company will explicitly point this out to the customer or suggest an alternative.
  • On request detailed on-site sampling.
  • A professionally laid vinyl floor meets the building regulations.
  • Fast, clean installation including careful site cleaning and cleaning.
  • Extensive warranty claims.
  • From consultation to planning, punctual delivery and professional installation: Everything from one source at a fair price-performance ratio.

Professionally laid vinyl flooring: a plus for health and money

Due to their properties and the low installation height vinyl floors are ideal for renovations.

A vinyl floor without danger to health can also be laid on underfloor heating.

Whether private premises, business premises, medical facilities or public areas: A laying specialist company is very familiar with the peculiarities of every laying situation and is therefore the ideal contact partner when it comes to attractive floor coverings without pollutants.

Due to many years of experience and continuous further training, our professionals not only have a trained eye for the optimal design, they also dispose of your old flooring if necessary, prepare the substrate optimally and use the adhesive suitable for the installation situation.

Properly laid vinyl flooring means health and lifelong service

With their professional service, the experts always guarantee a professional execution as well as an optically perfect, long-lasting result. And even after installation, the friendly staff competent contact persons remain available to answer all your questions about your vinyl floor, its health, care or necessary repairs.

Vinyl floor coverings are now among the most sought-after floor coverings in both the private residential and commercial sectors. There are many arguments in favour of buying a vinyl floor in the course of renovation or for new buildings:

In addition to excellent mechanical and hygienic properties, floors made of solid vinyl offer excellent thermal and impact sound insulation, they are extremely durable and easy to clean. In addition, vinyl flooring is now available in numerous designs, making individual interior design possible.

In order to keep the costs manageable and to ensure that the pleasure of the new flooring lasts for a long time, building owners should avoid the following mistakes when buying vinyl flooring purchase:

Error No. 1: Buy click vinyl instead of full vinyl floor

In contrast to a (fixed glued vinyl floor) floor made of solid vinyl, a click vinyl floor vibrates when walked on. In the worst case, it can even rattle with every step. Furthermore, click-vinyl flooring with HDF support is unsuitable for heavily frequented rooms and for damp rooms because moisture can penetrate through the click joints, which leads to swelling of the floor over time.

Solid vinyl planks, on the other hand, are firmly bonded to the substrate, are tightly sealed at the wall edges and thus resistant to wiping water and other liquids. Furthermore, the very low installation height and the lower price compared to click vinyl in comparison to click vinyl purchase of vinyl floor planks made of solid vinyl.

Look out! Some versions of the Klick vinyl flooring, which can be bought in the DIY store, are in fact cheap laminate versions that only have a vinyl cover. This so-called vinyl laminate neither has the advantages of vinyl flooring nor can it be laid dust-free and hypoallergenic!

Buy vinyl flooring and get advice from the professional

Error No. 2: Buy cheap goods from the DIY store instead of tested quality vinyl flooring

Modern quality vinyl floors from the specialist not only offer an immense variety of designs, they also contain no plasticizers that are hazardous to health or other harmful substances.

They have an above-average service life and can be easily recycled. Flooring professionals work together with renowned manufacturers who exclusively sell products with test marks and building authority approvals. However, building owners who buy cheap vinyl flooring in DIY stores risk buying a product that exceeds the allowable emission values.

In addition, self-adhesive planks from the DIY store contain plasticizers which, although not in the vinyl itself, are hidden in the adhesive tapes “, for example. In addition, experience has shown that these tapes stay very poorly, so that a vinyl floor from the DIY store can peel off again by itself after a while. Experts therefore generally recommend the installation of solid vinyl flooring with wet adhesive , which will last for decades even under heavy loads.

Error No. 3: Buy vinyl flooring with wrong usage class

Floor covering made of solid vinyl can be used almost everywhere. A prerequisite, however, is that the correct use class according to DIN EN 685 is observed for the vinyl flooring purchase.

Is the product of your choice exclusively for private use, can it withstand commercial stress or is the soil suitable for permanent industrial use?

What about the classification, the frequency of use and what is the guaranteed service life with the appropriate load?

What laymen sometimes find difficult, a flooring professional can see at a glance due to his training and experience! Since the different qualities differ in some cases considerably in terms of their price, it is worthwhile for cost reasons alone to buy quality vinyl flooring with the appropriate service class from a specialist company.

Error No. 4: Buy vinyl flooring without proper sampling

Human imagination is limited. Therefore, sampling vinyl flooring before purchase, directly on site, at home, in commercial premises or in public facilities offers many advantages.

The customer can look directly at the different designs, feel different haptics and match colours and patterns perfectly to the local and existing furnishings. In addition, the customer is given detailed advice on the qualities of the necessary accessories, such as adhesives, accent strips or silicone joints, and can help determine components and colours. Serious specialist companies usually offer a pre-sampling directly on site. This not only saves time and effort, but also a lot of money.

Buy vinyl flooring and view patterns

Error No. 5: Buy vinyl flooring and dispense with professional publishers

Customers who buy a quality vinyl floor should know that the substrate for full-surface bonding must be absolutely clean and level. This usually requires several work steps, such as sanding, filling and priming. Only in the last working step is the adhesive, which matches the floor, evenly applied to the substrate using a toothed spatula and the vinyl plank glued at the correct size and angle.

A laying expert knows exactly which work steps and which materials are required. He has special training, the necessary tools and years of experience. These components guarantee an attractive, durable result, without unevenness, air pockets or waves in the floor.

Error No. 6: Vinyl flooring purchase without service and warranty

From a professional installation company, customers receive, in addition to excellent quality goods, numerous services, such as

  • professional, personal advice
  • On-site surveying
  • individual sampling on site
  • professional preparation of the substrate
  • Proper relocation
  • extensive warranty on the laying work
  • Repair
  • faire, prices that can be tracked at any time
Buy vinyl flooring and get advice from the professional

Buy and have individual design vinyl flooring installed

The purchase of high-quality vinyl floors from the expert offers the great opportunity to realize individual ideas, such as borders, inlays or logos, using state-of-the-art cutting and laying techniques.

Due to the special type of installation, vinyl planks with the same height can be combined with different patterns and colours, islands can be formed, areas can be visually delimited or connected or accents can be set.

On request, the installation professionals offer their customers an all-round carefree package with all the necessary work, such as scheduling, clearing out the furniture, removal and disposal of the old floor covering, advice through to initial cleaning and handover ready for living, at a reasonable price-performance ratio.

Take advantage of the competence of trained experts from the initial consultation to the purchase of vinyl flooring right through to professional installation and contact us today.