Popular types of parquet: bar parquet

Parquet can squeak when the wood “works“, so either dries out or swells up. In the joints, it can lead to displacements. Sometimes there are also laying errors: The substrate is not completely flat, with floating laid parquet the necessary stretching fins are not available. When tensions occur in the wood, squeaking occurs. This is remedied by measures similar to those of a creaking floor. Humidity and temperature must fit. You can carefully determine which ground elements cause a lot of noise. It often helps to tighten the planks. This is done, for example, when old floorboards squeak in places. The expert screws directly from above into the planks – exactly where the wooden beams run. This way, the boards are additionally fixed and no longer squeak. The resulting holes can remain open (rustic look) or be closed with a wooden putty. The latter only makes sense if the floor is renovated anyway.

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