The advantages of vinyl flooring do not only relate to material properties, appearance or ease of installation, the costs are also relatively low.

This article supports you in your search for suppliers from whom you can buy your vinyl floor at a low price buy.

As varied as a vinyl floor is, so different can be the prices.

STILISTA Vinyl Laminat Dielen, 15 Dekors wählbar, 5,07m² oder 20m², rutschfest, wasserfest, schwer entflammbar - 20m² Eiche klassisch weiß
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When it comes to the purchase of a new vinyl floor, a lot of money can be saved by researching and comparing offers and suppliers.

Whether self-adhesive vinyl or click vinyl, whether vinyl flooring in Wood-, Stone– or Concrete look, whether as floorboard or tile – there are various ways to find the right offer for almost any vinyl floor.

Order vinyl flooring cheaply online

The digital age opens up new opportunities when it comes to price comparisons and bargain hunting.

This is no different with vinyl flooring.

Countless online shops offer vinyl flooring at reasonable prices or entice with special offers.

If it is a reputable and certified provider, there is no objection to an online purchase.

On the contrary – ordering a vinyl floor online has advantages, such as the comprehensive assortment, the location- and time-independent selection or the convenient delivery directly to the doorstep.

Concerns about whether the vinyl floor actually fits or pleases don’t matter anymore: Most online shops can request free samples of the vinyl floor before ordering.

Among the largest and most well-known online shops for vinyl floors include, for example:

In addition to vinyl flooring from well-known manufacturers, the Planeo online shop also offers a comprehensive range of products from the “planeo” private label – presented in a clear and structured manner.

The certified Trusted Shop not only guarantees a reputable ordering and payment process, but also offers a comprehensive range of services:

  • Free sample shipping,
  • free shipping within Germany,
  • Free storage of ordered goods
  • 24-hour express delivery
  • telephone expert advice
  • customer-friendly consulting times

Offers in different price categories in combination with regular promotions and sales offer a wide range of opportunities to to find a suitable, good and cheap vinyl floor.

A large selection of click vinyl shelves from various manufacturers, some with free shipping, is available at This online shop also has the trusted shop certificate, offers free sample dispatch within 24 hours and a specialist telephone consultation.

Should the vinyl floor not meet your expectations, the 123 days valid return policy ensures uncomplicated returns.

In addition to the regular assortment of vinyl floors in various formats and decors, you can discover special offers in the category special items and promotions on vinyl floor bargains at temporary low prices.

Other online shops with a diverse selection of vinyl flooring of all kinds are,, and many more.

Cheap vinyl flooring from the DIY store

If you prefer to choose your new vinyl floor personally and if necessary want to take it with you, you are well advised in DIY stores.

From Obi or Hornbach via BayWa or Globus up to Hagebaumarkt, Toom or Roller – almost all well-assorted DIY stores have large floor departments with a wide range of different vinyl floors from various producers.

The range extends from solid vinyl by the metre, click vinyl in planks or floorboards to PVC tiles in a wide variety of decors and looks.

Discount campaigns, customer cards or stock sales offer the opportunity to get hold of the vinyl bottom particularly cheaply.

But even without special promotions there is always a certain selection of vinyl shelves on offer.

If the do-it-yourself store has an online shop – which is usually the case – this can be used to make a pre-selection of suitable vinyl floors, create a watch list and check availability in the respective store.

This not only facilitates decision-making, but also saves time and unnecessary paths.

Of course, the vinyl floor from the DIY store can also be ordered directly in the online shop.

STILISTA Vinyl Laminat Dielen, 15 Dekors wählbar, 5,07m² oder 20m², rutschfest, wasserfest, schwer entflammbar - 20m² Eiche klassisch weiß
520 Bewertungen
Buy vinyl flooring cheaply as residual items online

Find vinyl floor ingesses

Especially for repairs or smaller renovations, often only small amounts of the vinyl floor are necessary.

Both online shops and DIY stores usually offer residual items of vinyl flooring at absolute special conditions – the prices are for the most part far below the regular selling price.

This makes residual items a proven alternative when it comes to buying vinyl flooring well and cheaply.

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