Vinyl floors are among the most sought-after floor coverings in the commercial sector and in private living spaces. This is not only due to the good price-performance ratio,but also to the numerous variants of individual interior design because of the design floors offered. Thanks to its surface finish, a vinyl floor is easy to clean. Depending on the stress of the soil, a dry or moist cleaning is recommended.

Which variants are available and what special measures you can take in case of stubborn stains – find out here!

Clean vinyl floor: Dry cleaning with a b0 sin or vacuum cleaner

Small stones, sand or other dirt that sticks to the shoes are quickly carried into the house or into the apartment.

This is all the more true when children and pets live in the household. These dirt particles can scratch the vinyl floor permanently, making the surface dull.

Remove the loose dirt quickly and effectively with a dry mop, a brace or a vacuum cleaner.

Unlike mop and brooms, the vacuum cleaner swirls up fewer dust particles, which accumulate on the vinyl floor every day, usually not visible. For vacuum cleaners there are special brush attachmentsthat gently slide over the floor, so that scratches are avoided.

Clean vinyl floor with the wiper mop
There is usually no need for more: water, wiper mop and some cleaning agent are enough.

Clean vinyl floor: Wet cleaning with the wiper mop

If dirt adheres to the vinyl floor, dry cleaning is no longer sufficient.

Then the floor covering should be wiped moist. To better remove the dirt from the ground, add some detergent or general-purpose cleaner to the cleaning water. Not all cleaning additives are suitable for cleaning the vinyl floor. You can use general purpose cleaners, neutral cleaners,or special cleaning agents for vinyl floors, lubricating soap and certain glass cleaners.

Make sure that the detergent really cleans and leaves no film on the floor.

To avoid this, wipe the soil again with clear water, which you can add some vinegar to (caution, only with full vinyl!), which at the same time has a disinfecting effect and avoids smearing. Do not use cleaners with solvents (some glass and intensive cleaners), which can cause discoloration of the flooring. You should also refrain from abrasive milk or abrasive powder, which can damage the surface of the vinyl floor.

If you are using a detergent for the first time, you should test it in an unobtrusive place or even better, on a sample piece of your floor (e.g. leftovers from the vinyl floor laying).

Wipe the vinyl floor moist. This means that you should definitely wring out the mop and not spend it wet on the floor. It is important that it no longer drips and that you avoid puddle formation. Even if the vinyl floor is water-repellent, it can swell if water remains in one place for a long period of time during a too humid cleaning (applies only to click vinyl with HDF/MDF carrier).

If you follow this advice, the vinyl floor will be dry after about five minutes. Ensure adequate room ventilationduring and after cleaning so that the moisture can be peeled off.

Clean vinyl floor with the sponge
If possible, avoid the rough side of the sponge. This can cause fine scratches and gloss differences during cleaning

Cleaning vinyl flooring: measures for stubborn stains

It is not always possible to clean through the vinyl floor,removing all stains. You can treat stubborn stains by placing the detergent undiluted on the stain and letting it act for a short time. If it is a special cleaner for vinyl floors,follow the activation time indicated on the label of the cleaner.

For some stains, it may be useful to massage the detergent easily with a sponge, while for textured surfaces brushes with soft bristles are suitable. If you are unsure about the effectiveness of the detergent, test its effect first on a sample piece or in a little visible place.

Especially sponges with a rough surface should be avoided as they can cause irreversible gloss differences or fine scratches

Alternatively, you can process the flooring with a single or multi-disc machine, which is suitable for intensive cleaning. After a short application time of a special cleaner for vinyl floors, the floor is machined with a rotating nylon pad. There is no chance of layer deposits and heavy soiling. The floor is then wiped damp. This type of intensive cleaning is usually carried out by professionals,as the handling of the machines requires a lot of practice.

Clean vinyl floor with a single-disc machine
Cleaning vinyl floors with the single-disc machine is a professional matter.

If you clean the vinyl floor regularly and remove stains as quickly as possible to avoid permanent damage, you will enjoy this robust and durable flooring for a long time.

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