Modern vinyl floors are popular not only because of their material properties, but also because of the wide range of colours. You can find out what colors a vinyl floor can have and how the different colors work in a room in this article.

The floor is an elementary part of a room.

Accordingly, the appearance and living climate are characterized by the appearance and in particular by the colour of the vinyl floor.

The following overview provides an overview of the most common colours of vinyl floors, their characteristics and spatial effect.

The most common colours for vinyl floors

Vinyl floor light

Whether oak natural or light grey, beech or maple – modern or with a touch of vintage: The spectrum of surfaces and colors with bright vinyl floors is large.

The main advantage of a bright vinyl floor is that the room as a whole looks very friendly. The light is reflected, the room is optically enlarged.

A vinyl floor in bright colours is generally suitable for any kind of living space. But also for exhibition rooms, wellness areas or Sales areas provide a bright vinyl floor for a feel-good atmosphere.

Vinyl floor dark

Vinyl floors in dark colours provide a particularly noble and elegant appearance – especially in large rooms.

A dark vinyl floor fits a modern décor style as well as antique furniture.

Dark vinyl floors are available in different finishes.

Natural-looking dark wood designs, such as dark oak, walnut or pine, are among the classics.

But also vinyl floor tiles are available in different dark colors and looks. The modern-looking design of dark vinyl floors in slate, graphite or stone is also ideal for bathrooms or offices.

Vinyl floor grey

Whether living room or children’s room, office or public space – a vinyl floor in the color grey is a real all-round talent.

The numerous variants of grey vinyl floors open up limitless possibilities in interior design:

A vinyl floor with country house planks in the colour oak grey impresses with its authentic wood look and adapts to almost any style of furnishing.

A grey vinyl floor in concrete look is particularly prominent in combination with metal, but is also often used for the simple, modern floor design.

PVC tiles in dark slate stand for simple elegance, while grey vinyl floor tiles give the room a retro look.

The colour spectrum for grey vinyl floors ranges from subtle light grey to dark anthracite.

Depending on the gradation and nuance, the grey colour appears warm or cold, giving the room its very special appearance.

The visual impression of the vinyl floor in grey also ranges from classic to modern to rustic, which gives each room an individual character, depending on the respective décor.