Steam cleaners have increasingly established themselves in recent years as an alternative to wiper mop and buckets in households.

Due to the power of the steam, even stubborn dirt can be effectively removed without additional cleaning agents. But are steam cleaners also suitable for use on parquet?

The answer is basically yes – but not for every parquet.

For which parquet are steam cleaners suitable?

Steam cleaners may only be used for fully glued, hard-sealed parquet surfaces – steam cleaners are not suitablefor all other types of parquet.

In the case of unsealed, but also oiled or waxed parquet, the surface remains open-pored, so that the moisture of the steam would penetrate into the floor and cause permanent damage in the parquet.

The natural wooden floor reacts to excessive water contact with increased swelling behaviour – due to the moisture content during steam cleaning, the result would be sooner or long unsightly dents or bulges.

What should be considered when cleaning the steam of parquet floors?

But even with sealed or painted parquet, care is required when using steam cleaners:

It is important that the surface is fully intact and does not have any damage that could penetrate moisture. Therefore, before steam cleaning, the parquet should be thoroughly applied to cracks or scratches can be checked.

Before starting steam cleaning, the parquet should be carefully suctioned with a vacuum cleaner, as coarser dirt and dust particles can lead to scratches in the surface.

For the cleaning of parquet, the lowest amount of steam and the lowest pressure should be set on the steam cleaner, in order to be able to wipe only fog moisture if possible.

Therefore, only devices that can be infinitely regulatedin this respect, or those that are clearly declared by the manufacturer as suitable for wood flooring arerecommended. Steam cleaners without the possibility of regulation are not recommended for parquet.

The cleaning process itself should be carried out as quickly and evenly as possible.

In order to keep the water film on the parquet as low as possible, it is best to use multilayer wipe covers.

It is important to avoidstaying in one place for too long. Should there still be increased humidity, it is necessary to dry the parquet with a dry cloth.

A slight residual moisture, on the other hand, dries up by itself and leaves no streaks or streaks on the parquet floor due to the elimination of cleaning agent residues during steam cleaning.

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