When the decision has been made for a wooden floor, the question arises whether parquet or planks are more suitable. In this case, it is helpful to know the differences and the special benefits. Each of the two floor coverings has certain advantages. In addition to the material and the special properties, the parquet prices and the cost of a floorboard also play a role.

What is called parquet?

Parquet are rather smaller laying units. The basic shape of each element is usually rectangular, the elements are called rods. In addition to the rectangular format, there are special shapes that are eligible for extraordinary and exclusive laying patterns.

Very common is bar parquet, for example with dimensions 500 mm x 60-70 mm x 22 mm. The rods are moved in one direction to the side. Another variant is the herringbone parquet, where the rods are arranged diagonally. Finally, the mosaic parquet is also known. For this purpose, smaller and thinner wooden slats are glued to a net during production. Mosaic parquet is available with different laying patterns. Industrial parquet is made in a similar way to mosaic parquet. Mosaic and industrial parquet floors are particularly resilient.

What is called floorboards?

Boards are laying units that are longer than one meter. In addition to these so-called short planks, there are also much longer planks. In the classic production of wooden planks, a tree trunk is processed in its entire length. This creates boards with a length of several meters. In addition, boards are much wider than parquet elements.

A typical form are country house planks. The more rustic look is particularly emphasized by the integrated chamfer. Another visual feature: the special features of the wood come to the fore impressively. The colour nuances, small inclusions in the wood or natural irregularities emphasize the authentic appearance.

Which wooden floor is suitable for which room?

Whether parquet or planks are more suitable depends on the size of the room, the purpose and the furnishing style. In addition, the personal taste of the inhabitants always plays a role.

As a basic rule,floorboards have the best effect in large and spacious rooms. The laying units can be very large if a generously sized room is to get a floor covering made of solid planks. Boards that correspond to the entire length of the room can have a length of three to six meters. The laying of planks belongs in the hands of experts, the expert can handle the lavish dimensions perfectly and create an optimal result.

For example, a floorboard fits very well with an ambience in the Scandinavian look, if the room is large enough. Also to the purist style boards are a beautiful addition. If you want to equip a large room with a rural-rustic appearance with a suitable floor, you will find the right solution with floorboards.

Parquet is suitable for any room size. You can choose between many different patterns, and the wide range of wood species offers even more possibilities. For the private living area, parquet is a beautiful and durable way to design the floor. Whether you can lay the parquet itself depends on the craftsmanship and the type of parquet. The laying of prefabricated parquet satisons usually succeeds well.

If parquet is to be used for public facilities or commercial areas, small parquet laying units are ideal. Mosaic parquet or industrial parquet offers advantages for such purposes: These parquet types are robust and durable. If a renovation becomes necessary, individual elements can be replaced.

The cost of parquet or planks

If you want to buy floorboards or parquet, you should keep an eye on the prices for the installation in addition to the acquisition costs. Basically, floorboards are more expensive compared to parquet, because larger parts of a tree are processed for this purpose. The production is more complex. However, the type of wood always plays a role. In specialist shops and at a specialist company for soil laying, all costs can be calculated in advance.

However, the decision to use a high-quality wood flooring also means that higher costs for purchasing and laying save a lot of money in the long run. Because a high-quality floor covering with parquet or plankhas a very long service life. With careful care or cleaning, the floor remains beautiful for years. While a worn carpet has to be replaced quickly, a wooden floor can be reclaimed and its original beauty restored.

Renovation and renovation of a parquet or floorboard

If parquet and floorboards need a renovation, this is best done with the use of solid wood. The floor can be sanded and given a new surface treatment. The replacement of individual laying units is very difficultwith floorboards, the result does not always meet expectations. On the other hand, the situation is different for industrial parquet or mosaic parquet. Here, individual rods or blocks can be easily replaced. If you are looking for a wooden floor covering for heavily damaged surfaces, industrial or mosaic parquet makes a good choice.

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