When designing an apartment or house, but also during renovationwork, the question always arises as to the right flooring. The decision is usually made between parquet and carpeted floors, especially when it comes to living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms. Both floor coverings have special advantages, but the respective disadvantages must also be taken into account. In addition, the choice of soil will be permanent for years to come. It is therefore important to choose a floor covering with which one is still satisfied even after a long time.

Basic questions as to whether parquet or carpet is the better choice

Personal taste is usually paramount. Other considerations also play a role:

  • What budget is available? Parquet prices are often higher than the prices for a carpet.
  • How durable is the flooring?
  • How easy to maintain is the floor, can it be thoroughly cleaned or even renovated if necessary?
  • Is parquet installation possible in-house work or do you need expert help?
  • Is parquet or carpet more practical?
  • Is the floor warm and pleasant, how is the footfall sound insulation?
  • How is the substrate, is there possibly underfloor heating? Sometimes an old flooring has to be removed before you can lay planks.

The main advantages of parquet over carpet

Parquet has many advantages. Wood is a natural material that has a positive effect on the living environment. In addition, floorboards and parquet are available in countless variants. This enables room design to be as desired. A noble, exclusive and elegant flooring is just as possible as a more rustic look. Depending on which type of wood you choose to buy for the parquet, the floor is very durable and robust.

The following advantages can be seen in detail if the choice between parquet or carpet is to be made:

The visual effect of parquet is usually more noble than that of a carpet. There are very high-quality carpets, but a parquet floor convinces at first glance. Depending on the type of wood or parquet type chosen and how the surface treatment is, parquet is suitable as a complement to a classic or modern décor. Parquet is flexible in design: such a floor fits the Scandinavian style as well as an ambience in a rural look.

Parquet has a very good influence on the indoor climate. The material can absorb odours and neutralize them over time. A wooden floor feels moderately warm, but is naturally harder than a carpet.

Cleaning is easy and hassle-free. Parquet can be cleaned with the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner, depending on the surface treatment. When cleaning the wet, care must be taken to ensure that the floor cloth is only fog-moist. After that, however, the floor is again immaculately clean. Compared to parquet or carpet, parquet performs better in terms of cleaning results. For allergy sufferers, a floor covering made of parquet is well suited.

The maintenance effort is relatively low. Here, the surface treatment again plays a role: Oiled and waxed parquet needs a good surface care from time to time. In the case of a sealed or painted parquet, the lacquer only needs to be renewed in the event of renovation.

If a fundamental renovation of the flooring is necessary, this is much better with a parquet floor. Parquet can be sanded and re-treated several times. Even if the look no longer suits you, the parquet can be dyed during a renovation. In this way, the optical effect can be adapted to the furnishings as desired.

The main advantages of carpet over parquet

An important criterion when deciding between parquet or carpeting is the measures taken during installation. A carpet floor has a lower installation height than a parquet floor. This means that no doors or door frames need to be shortened during renovation or re-installation. A thicker parquet floor, on the other hand, requires that doors and frames have to be adapted.

The foot feeling is very pleasant with a carpeted floor. The flooring feels pleasant and soft. If you still prefer parquet, you can opt for a good solution: The flooring consists of parquet, on which lies a decorative carpet.

Carpeting has no influence on the indoor climate. However, the prerequisite for healthy living is always that no pollutants are processed. You should pay attention to a high-quality carpet when buying, the floor must not smell unpleasant. It is also important to avoidharmful adhesives during installation.

The odour absorption and neutralization is only possible with carpets made of natural fibres such as wool, coconut, sisal or goat hair. This is not possible with synthetic carpeting.

Cleaning a carpet is relatively easy. The vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust, lint or animal hair. The stain removal is more problematic,here it depends on the material. Deep cleaning is feasible, but after a few passes the carpet no longer has its original purity and colour intensity. The more often an intensive cleaning is carried out, the faster the carpet is polluted.

When a renovation is in the offing, carpet is easier to remove than parquet. For the removal of glued parquet, the use of heavy machinery is necessary. A carpet, which is only attached with double tape, can be easily removed. A fully glued carpet can be cut into strips and torn off by hand. Glue residues can be removed with a spatula.

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