When should parquet be sanded off?

Parquet is sanded during a renovation. There is no default time period for this. With normal use, an interval of ten to fifteen years is sufficient. The key is wear and tear. Depending on how stressed the parquet looks, grinding can become more or less often necessary.

Most stains and scratches can be removed reliably. However, it should be borne in mind that wood is removed every time it is grinding.

Depending on the type of parquet and the respective useful layer, the parquet floor can be in use for decades. A stronger parquet made of a harder type of wood is generally more robust, but can also be sanded more often.

After grinding, the parquet must be freshly sealed again – either with oil, wax or varnish.

When should parquet be resealed?

A new seal is due whenever the floor has been sanded.

The first choice for sealing is a protective, transparent coating. You should apply a primerbefore painting. This minimizes edge gluing by the varnish to be applied. It can also be used to change the wood colour tone.

During the renovation, holes, cracks and scratches can also be filled and repaired with wooden putty.

The lacquer for parquet sealing is available in various versions. You have the choice between shiny, silky glossy or semi-gloss. Coloured lacquers are also possible, with which the colour of the parquet can be changed. After sealing with varnish, the floor must dry well before it can be used again.

Some types of parquet are supplied without sealing. Then, of course, after laying the sealing process is due. In addition to varnish, oil or wax can be used. The soil then retains its particularly natural appearance, but is more sensitive to moisture.

Why do you have to prime parquet?

Parquet should be primed before the paint is applied for sealing.

The process is not mandatory, but often useful. When the parquet is primed, it can be used to influence or change the wood colour. In addition, the primer reduces the so-called “edge gluing” of the subsequent sealing. With a water-based primer, the surface also becomes a little brighter. You can also make the wood darker with a corresponding primer or emphasize the natural hue more.

After a primer applied with a brush or a roller, the paint also holds better.

Why should parquet also be primed? Special primers with special properties play an important role. There are primers with ingredients that insulate old oil or wax residues. This makes sense when renovating. A special primer is used for the processing of parquet sands made of exotic woods. This prevents discoloration or other damage to the surface due to certain substances that may be present in the wood.