As with any floor covering, proper cleaning and care is important for parquet floors. With the appropriate care measures and a cleaning that is adapted to the requirements of the parquet, the floor remains fresh, clean and is always maintained. Cleaning parquet and maintaining parquet is not difficult if some rules are observed. Wood is sensitive to moisture, so cleaning the floor must be taken into account so that the floor does not get completely wet. Cleaning utensils also play a role, so that the parquet can be maintained without causing damage.

With good equipment, parquet cleaning and parquet maintenance effortlessly succeed. Parquet flooring is one of the floor coverings that are easy to clean anyway. No special knowledge is necessary, if one observes some useful hints during the parquet maintenance. For parquet, the price is higher, so it is worth paying attention to good cleaning and care.

Basically, a distinction is made first of all in the cleaning parquet, whether it is sealed or oiled parquet. The second consideration: do the wooden planks have to be thoroughly cleaned or is it enough to remove dust and crumbs? Every now and then, more extensive measures are also necessary if you want to maintain the parquet and treat it well. In any case, it is worth buying parquet,because the flooring gains in appearance over the years.

Parquet and vacuum cleaner: Is the vacuum cleaner allowed to clean the parquet?

Hard floors may be sucked if the vacuum cleaner has a special hard floor nozzle. This ensures that the parquet floor does not suffer any damage. One should be careful when handling with the vacuum cleaner – especially if it is a floor vacuum cleaner. In the case of hand vacuum cleaners, only the nozzle comes into contact with the ground. The use of a small battery vacuum cleaner is also advantageous, recommended, for example, in the household with children, when crumbs fall more frequently on the floor. Otherwise, a soft mop is sufficient for the removal of dust and crumbs, with which crumbs and dust can be quickly removed

Clean sealed parquet: This way the sealed wooden floor becomes fresh and clean again

In addition to dry cleaning, wet cleaning is another component of parquet cleaning. Sealed parquet is more sensitive to water than oiled parquet. The expert advice is that a sealed parquet floor must not get too much water. Water can crawl under the seal. The wood can swell in the worst case. Grey veils can form on the joints of the parquet, other unsightly discolorations are also possible. If you want to clean damp parquet, you should observe the indication “fog moist”. This means that the wiper mop or the wiper flap must be thoroughly wrenked out and can only be slightly damp. Puddles must not form on the parquet floor under any circumstances. The mop contains the right amount of moisture when the soil dries again immediately.

Water without additive is well suited, but you can also use a suitable parquet cleaner for cleaning the parquet. Important: The best thing is a parquet cleaner, which the manufacturer recommends. Please do not experiment yourself! Certain detergents are even extremely harmful. Vinegar cleaner must never be used, it can lead to discoloration that can no longer be removed. If there is particularly heavy dirt, an intensive cleaner is used to clean the parquet. Here, too, the manufacturer’s specifications must be observed. During and after cleaning, the room should be well ventilated. Adequate ventilation is generally important. If the room air is too dry, the wooden floor suffers.

Sometimes liquids can be spilled. Whether out of carelessness when pouring flowers or through a fallen glass, water and other liquids should be absorbed as soon as possible. So nothing can penetrate the parquet.

Clean the parquet properly

Clean the parquet properly


Clean oiled parquet: tips for careful cleaning

Also oiled parquet should not get wet properly, but basically a little more water is allowed during the parquet cleaning. The ideal cleaning agent is a special wooden floor soap. It is based on the indications on the packaging. The wood floor soap may foam when cleaning the floor, damage or grey veil scare scare scare scare scare scare scare scare scare scare scare scares when using the soap. The components of the wood floor soap have positive effects for oiled parquet. The soap contains not only cleansing substances, but also nourishing oils and waxes. This way, the floorboard receives the right care for each cleaning process.

If only a few traces are to be removed, a slightly moist wiper mop without cleaning agent is sufficient, however, the cleaning should not be carried out over a longer period exclusively with water. Good ventilation is also important for oiled parquet. After damp cleaning, the parquet floor must dry before it is re-energised, so that no footprints remain.

Maintaining sealed parquet: This preserves the beauty of the parquet

Sealed parquet remains permanently beautiful with the right care measures. Laying immediately after the parquet, it makes sense if a special initial care is used. This measure should also be applied after the laying of floorboards. The parquet manufacturer recommends products that are suitable for parquet maintenance. Special products are also useful for ongoing cleaning and care. There are two options here: You can use a combined wiper care, where the care product is already integrated. Alternatively, if only a cleaning agent is cleaned, a parquet care product should be applied approximately every four to six months. In rooms with heavy loads, for example in commercially used rooms, special care is required more often.

Maintaining oiled parquet: The requirements of an oiled parquet floor

If you want to maintain oiled parquet, you can opt for a wooden floor soap. The oils and waxes contained therein are sufficient for normal care. In addition, the floor may be treated with a special care oil. It makes sense to apply a care oil to the parquet flooring about once or twice a year. If the ongoing maintenance cleaning is only carried out with a conventional parquet cleaner, the care measure with care oil is required more often. A cotton mop is very suitable for applying the care oil.

Clean heavily soiled parquet

If the parquet floor is extremely dirty, a specialist company is the right point of contact. You can rent special machines or hire the expert, who cleans the wooden floor with the appropriate equipment and intensive cleaning agents and brings it back to the front.

When do I have to re-oil parquet?

The re-oiling serves to maintain the resistance of the parquet. The “untreated” character comes into play well, but for this the parquet needs the right care with the re-oiling. It is recommended to re-oil approximately once a year, with a very low soil, the treatment is sufficient every two years. Soils that are heavily stressed are oiled more frequently. In department stores, this can even be the case daily or once a week.

Before oiling, it is essential to thoroughly clean the soil. Please do not use microfiber cloths on an oiled floor, such cloths can attack and damage the structure of the wood. The soil can be wiped moist. In case of heavy soiling, but also simply as a care, you can use a special wood soap. After cleaning, the floor must dry well, for at least five hours. Only then is the care oil applied. For re-oiling, the oil is also available in spray form. The applied oil must be well retracted, then the bottom is polished. No remnants of the oil should remain on the ground. A good wood care oil ensures that the wood is antistatic and dirt-resistant. The floor gets a matte, silky shimmer.

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