Here you can find vinyl floor patterns:

Rent a vinyl floor sample at the hardware store

In the DIY store you have the opportunity to view many different vinyl floors directly on site.

STILISTA Vinyl Laminat Dielen, 15 Dekors wählbar, 5,07m² oder 20m², rutschfest, wasserfest, schwer entflammbar - 20m² Eiche klassisch weiß
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Here, not only design and colour can be viewed in daylight, but also whether the structure of the surface is pleasing can be assessed directly.

If the vinyl floor samples on display at the DIY store are not sufficient to make a final decision, most stores also provide handy samples that can be taken away.

This allows a comparison of the different designs directly in the room to be renovated. This ensures that the vinyl floor selected matches existing furniture, wall colours and other furnishings.

In a DIY store, it is usually sufficient to ask an employee for the practical vinyl floor samples.

Order vinyl floor samples in online shops

If the vinyl floor is to be ordered in an online shop, it is usually difficult to make the right decision immediately.

The choice of vinyl floors in different designs, for example in wood look, stone look or tile look is huge in online shops like Parador.

Numerous variants are available to the buyer. So it is only understandable to have difficulties in making a decision.

Since the customer is not charged for these samples, the number is usually limited.

It is therefore worth thinking about the floor for your own home or business in advance and then ordering vinyl floor samples.

The following online shops offer their customers the opportunity to order free vinyl floor samples:

Order vinyl flooring samples free of charge from Parador

As in many other online shops, it is also possible with Parador to order vinyl flooring samples for viewing. Up to three free samples are available here This means that a pre-selection has already been made, while at the same time the final decision remains open until the samples could be viewed live.

If you are still very unsure about choosing the right vinyl flooring, you can get non-binding advice in the online shop or visit one of the stationary Parador stores nearby. There the different floor coverings are also available for viewing.
Whether an on-site inspection or ordering the vinyl flooring sample free of charge from Parador – this will definitely make the decision easier.

The design of the floor has a decisive influence on the ambience in the room

Choosing the right floor is therefore an important decision. Because it is so versatile, vinyl flooring is a popular floor in factories, companies and also in private households.

But even here, you are spoilt for choice, because vinyl flooring is available in many different designs.

For this reason, many people decide to get first vinyl floor samples which they can compare with the rest of the furniture, with wall colours and more.

samples of vinyl flooring are small cuttings of the respective flooring, which help to decide which floor fits best in a room.

A vinyl floor can also be used to determine what the colour looks like in real life, in the light, in the morning or in the evening.

Free vinyl flooring samples to make the decision easier

Most sellers of vinyl floors offer free samples. That the rehearsals cost something is rather rare.

The DIY store or online shop relies on the fact that the buyer decides to buy in the respective store after examining the samples.

floor sample is a id=”gid_0″>cost-effective and uncomplicated way for buyers and sellers to check whether the desired floor actually meets their expectations.

Also the decision is usually easier with different samples in several colours. This means there are no problems and fewer complaints when ordering several square metres of vinyl flooring at a later date.

STILISTA Vinyl Laminat Dielen, 15 Dekors wählbar, 5,07m² oder 20m², rutschfest, wasserfest, schwer entflammbar - 20m² Eiche klassisch weiß
520 Bewertungen

Get vinyl floor samples quickly and easily

Getting vinyl floor samples is not difficult.

In almost every shop, DIY store or online shop where vinyl flooring is available to buy, corresponding samples are also issued.

The samples are normally free of charge and can be easily taken in stationary shops on request.

In online shops there is the possibility of having vinyl floor samples sent to you free of charge . It is useful to make a rough selection in advance to limit the number of patterns.

Straight online there is sometimes a boundary on vinyl floor patterns. Understandably, hundreds of samples cannot be sent.

In most cases, however, sellers are very accommodating and help to find the right floor covering for each room.

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