Laminate cutter comparison

What exactly is a laminate cutter?

There are countless materials to buy in stores today, such as hardwood flooring laminate or vinyl flooring. These materials vary in many ways, not only in terms of resistance and material thickness, but also in shape and size.

It is therefore crucial for the craftsman to always have the right tool available: the best possible laminate cutter. We have put together a whole range of laminate cutters and parquet cutters for you. hand laminate cutters are available in different sizes, which are equipped with a lever.

The first devices of this type were extremely resistant, with them strong and very robust parquet could be worked, but also already laminate floors. Over time, new techniques and materials were developed, and subsequently new models of the hand-held parquet cutter. These are characterized by lower weight, technical innovation and easier handling.

With these new models, a wide variety of parquet floors can be cut comfortably:

  • Solid hardwood flooring,
  • Ready-made hardwood flooring,
  • Solid floorboards,
  • Mosaic parquet
  • or laminate, whatever its thickness or size.

Every hobby craftsman naturally wants to use a laminate cutter that works precisely and cleanly. To find a usable device, a laminate cutter test is therefore indispensable. There are two possible methods to reach this result. In one case the parquet is cut completely, in the other it is first cut and then split. You therefore have the choice between two different concepts for laminate cutters.

When dealing with both, the most important thing is to cut the laminate floor cleanly and accurately. Therefore, almost every model has a tape measure attached. This makes it possible to place the parquet in the cutting device exactly as you want to cut it. To work with a laminate cutter, some experience is also helpful, the first results may still be unsatisfactory or take longer than expected.

But with each cut laminate plank/vinyl plank/parquet rod, the work is faster and safer, and ultimately the quality of the work results will be more satisfactory.

What are the advantages of a laminate cutter?

These machines are partly operated manually and partly automatically, and they are designed to cut tiles from a wide range of materials. The aim is to enable parquet layers and other craftsmen who work on the floor to work as accurately as possible. In fact, it is usually advisable to work with a laminate cutter in addition to the usual tools such as chisels and spatulas.

Tile cutters or vinyl cutters can also be part of the floor laying equipment, if, for example, a new bathroom floor is to be laid.

Very often holes have to be drilled for pipe and cable laying or clearances have to be adjusted for obstacles such as heating pipes. Contributions will provide tips and share experiences in working with laminate cutters, so that interested parties can learn how these devices work and how best to work with them.

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