Basically, parquet can be laid in any room. However, there are a few points to keep in mind if you plan to layfloorboards or parquet in the children’s room. The flooring has a positive influence on the indoor climate. However, it is harder than a carpet and, depending on the type of wood and the surface treatment, also more sensitive. If you want to buy parquet floors and install them in the children’s room, you should inform yourself in advance about the parquet prices and the many types of wood as well as design possibilities and parquet types.

If you want to lay planks, the type of wood can be adapted to the furnishings. Then a harmonious overall effect is created – children feel comfortable with the floor and furniture and have a cozy, own room at their disposal. With the observance of some hints and tips, it is possible that the parquet floor in the children’s room remains well maintained and handsome. It depends, for example, on the protection of the floor, so that chair legs or toys cannot cause scratches.

What needs to be considered for parquet floors in the children’s room?

Especially in rooms where children play, tinker, paint and romp, typical dangers for the parquet can arise. Many activities take place directly on the ground. This starts at the age of crawling and continues into school age.

In young children, drinks may be emptied. Either the child drips around with the bottle or he flips out a cup. Liquids are always critical for parquet. The surface treatment offers a certain protection, but the floor must not get really wet. Water, drinks and other liquids should be removed immediately so that the parquet cannot swell.

It looks even more critical when the diaper runs out or when a mishap happens to children who are actually already dry. Oak parquet and acacia wood in particular are sensitive to urine. These types of wood contain tannic acid. When in contact with urine, dark spots form that cannot be removed. The only countermeasure is to completely renovate the parquet floor ingestion.

Children and toys on the floor:

On the one hand, this is a good thing, because a flat wooden floor is a wonderful playing surface. Buildings made of wooden building blocks or Lego stand stable, small and larger cars swell across the ground. The ride with a sliding car is also really fun on a wooden floor. However, the beauty of the floor can suffer from such activities. It is important for parents to protect the ground, but at the same time not to limit the child’s urge to play and move too much.

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that children hit the ground with objects. This does not always have to be aggressive behaviour or an outburst of anger. Young children are fascinated by the sounds! Smart parents take care and offer the child a good alternative: If a rubber mat or a play carpet is lying on the floor and toys are available for noise, both work – the desire to produce really loud noises and the protection of the floor.

The parquet floor is also at risk when older children slide around with chairs on the floor. Scratches are not uncommon. In addition, the floor has a great attraction when painted, crafted or glued. It is therefore important to set up a safe painting and crafting place in good time.

How can parents protect the parquet floor if a parquet floor is laid in the children’s room?

The right surface treatment is an important step to ensure that the parquet floor is well suited. With an oiled surface, the parquet has some advantages. This treatment is more ecological and healthier. The floor is easier to clean. A basic cleaning and re-oiling ensure that the surface is beautiful again.

Even a renovation is more successful. While a painted floor requires grinding with a material removal of at least one millimetre, the refurbishment of an oiled parquet floor is better. The material thickness is maintained.

In order to prevent this from getting there, some precautions are useful for protecting the parquet floor in the children’s room. Chair and table legs should be provided with felt gliders. This allows scratches to be avoided as far as possible on the back of the chair.

In the room of smaller children is often a low table, ideal for painting and crafting. Underneath, a flat, simple and cheap carpet is good – if something goes wrong, the parquet stays clean. When the first desk with its desk chair moves into the children’s room, a floor protection mat is offered. The mat lies in front of the desk and protects the floor. Even a swivel chair with rollers can do nothing to the flooring.

A game carpet is also very practical. Children love to play on the floor – a colorfully printed play carpet feels pleasant and also provides game ideas.

Precautions include that painting and handicrafts are not stored in the children’s room. Until the child is tall enough to understand that the floor is not a painting surface, crayons, wax pencils and felt pens are better placed outside the room.

The right mix of feel-good atmosphere and soil protection, rules and preventive methods is not always easy – but it should also be remembered that traces of use on a parquet floor tell a story: Children who are doing well live here – perhaps a more important fact than an absolutely flawless floor.

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