Cheap parquet remainders are available in numerous online shops and DIY stores. What to look out for when buying parquet residual items and co., which shops offer their buyers exceptionally good deals and where to find special items (also for accessories such as parquet adhesive ) at a favourable price online, you can find out here.

Where you can buy hardwood flooring at a reasonable price

Inexpensive parquet and remnants of the popular floor covering are available in numerous online shops.

With such a large selection, it is sometimes difficult to keep an overview. To make the decision to buy easier, we present the best online shops for floor coverings in general and cheap parquet in particular:


Casando is the online shop when it comes to accessories around house and garden. There is also plenty of inexpensive hardwood flooring here. The offers start at around 12 euros per square meter. Parquet promotions, such as a free delivery , and over 100 days right of return make Casando a paradise for bargain hunters.

>> Click here to visit the online shop of Casando

Parquet Direct

Parkett-Direkt is an online shop that stands for high quality and long-lasting floor coverings. With the purchase of inexpensive parquet there is 30 years guarantee in addition and this independently of which parquet is chosen in the end. For the parquet itself, Parkett-Direkt offers a large selection: From plank and strip parquet to solid and industrial parquet, everything is included. Especially interesting: the parquet offers. The prices per square metre start at approx. 13 Euro for Parquet Direct

>> Here you can find the online shop of Parkett-Direkt

Parquet Emperor

Parquet Emperor

Parkettkaiser is a specialist dealer on the Internet for floor coverings, including very reasonably priced hardwood flooring. In the categories “Sale” and “Remaining stock” you will find a large selection of different parquet floors. The remaining stock shows at a glance how many square metres of each product are still available. Even the cheap parquet floors are from well-known manufacturers and are characterized by their excellent quality. If you are looking for bargains, cheap hardwood flooring and residual items, then Parkettkaiser is the right place for you.

>> Here you can find the online shop of Parkettkaiser

Remaining parquet for small rooms

Remaining stock parquet or parquet from the factory outlet is particularly suitable for smaller rooms. In the case of remaining stock or special items, the exact quantity of package required is not always available.

The smaller the space, the greater the probability that there will be sufficient residual stock of a particular type of wooden floor.

If you are looking for cheap hardwood flooring among the remaining stock at DIY stores or online, you should make sure that there is always enough of one type. This also applies if the floor covering is purchased at a factory outlet.

For this purpose, the room must be measured beforehand, the floor covering well planned and some off-cuts must be included.

For large rooms, halls or the entrance area of a larger company, there is therefore usually not enough remaining stock. Here it is advisable to find another way to get cheap hardwood flooring.

However, the layout of offices or individual rooms in private households is usually not a problem with cheap leftover stock or floors from factory sales.

Parquet as inexpensive as possible – this is how it works

There are several ways to get to the cheapest possible parquet floor. Beside remaining stock one should always also pay attention to special offers & actions in individual shops and online shops.

In the following, we will show you what other possibilities there are for acquiring parquet as cheaply as possible.

The different types of parquet

Anyone who has ever dealt with wooden floors knows: There are many different parquet types.

Depending on which type of parquet is chosen, the new floor will be cheaper or more expensive. It is therefore advisable to first make sure to select an inexpensive parquet that meets your own quality requirements.

Filter by price right from the start

After selecting the appropriate type of parquet, it makes sense to filter by price in the online shop.

In most online shops you can set the sorting to “lowest price first“.

In addition, there is usually the option of specifying a maximum price, so that only those parquet floors are displayed that are within budget. This makes it easy to get a first overview.

By the way, this works in a similar way in local shops and DIY stores. With exact details of the budget, the sales staff there can recommend suitable products.

Remaining stock and B-goods

Residual items are a popular way to get favourable floor coverings.

The fact that these remaining stocks exist may be due, for example, to the fact that a product is removed from the range. Remaining goods will then be sold cheap online or in a DIY store as remaining stock.

The biggest advantage: a unbeatable price. Here it should be ensured that the desired quantity of parquet is available in any case.

In addition, when buying remaining stock, it should be considered that it is normally not possible to buy more of this floor covering later.

The same applies to B goods and 2nd choice goods. For example, B-goods or 2nd choice goods are already opened, but otherwise new products. Exhibits are also included and are often sold at a lower price.

Some of these products have minor defects. For wooden floors this can be a small scratch or a dent.

If the floor is still sold, however, these are usually barely visible defects that have little or no effect on the quality of the product.

Almost every online shop has a category “Sale” and even in DIY stores you will often find areas where reduced goods are offered.

This includes the already mentioned remaining stocks, special items as well as B-goods and 2nd choice goods, but also other products. Here, too, it is important to check whether there are still enough square metres of parquet available before buying.

If it is important for you to be able to buy the same parquet again later, you should also make sure that it does not leave the range.

Waiting for offers

Offers, discount vouchers and other parquet promotions to save money are regularly available in online shops.

This does not exclude the hardwood flooring shops either. Often there are percentages on certain product groups, residual items, special items and the sales area are regularly updated and bulk orders are discounted.

Also new customers often benefit from a welcome discount. When buying cheap parquet it is therefore definitely worthwhile to look for offers and keep an eye on the parquet prices.

Pay attention to the shipping costs

Shipping costs are a not inconsiderable factor when ordering cheap parquet.

While the shipping costs of many everyday orders are only a few euros, they quickly skyrocket for floor coverings.

understandable: The bulky goods cannot normally be sent with a normal parcel service.

The shipping costs here are often 20 Euro or more.

If you have the time, wait for special parquet promotions and offers of your favourite shop. Sometimes online shops give their buyers shipping costs as a gift during certain promotion periods.

Buy used parquet and floorboards

Private individuals sometimes sell used parquet at a low price on sales platforms on the Internet. However, such offers are not advisable, as the fit or accuracy of fit can no longer be guaranteed with used parquet.