What parquet colours are available?

Parquet is available in a variety of shades. The authentic wood character is best emphasized if the original wood remains as unchanged as possible. The colour palette covers the entire spectrum: very light wood species such as maple,birch or ash,species of wood with medium colour intensity such as beech,pear tree, bamboo, robinia or oak,but also dark wood species such as walnut and wenge. Exotic wood species expand the possibilities even more.

The basic material wood can also be changed and influenced in color with several techniques. Surface treatments with oil, glaze or varnishare possible. Many colours are possible with glazes and varnishes, even variants that no longer have much to do with a conventional wood colour tone. Wood can be treated with steam or smoked and thus assumes a dark hue. If you want a white parquet floor, you can also opt for limed oak.

Which parquet fits Kiefer?

In the case of pine furniture, it is the style that is important to choose the right parquet. For the rural-rustic version, a floorboard made of a contrasting wood fits, either some shades of lighter or darker, but not in the same color intensity. For example, the dark version is suitable for bog oak or incense. The bright alternative can be parquet made of maple or birch. Furniture made of pine wood is often found in the Scandinavian style of furnishing. Here a very bright,painted parquet floor looks good. If the Nordic style is rather classic, a dark parquet floor is possible, for example from oak with an intense dark oil treatment.

Which parquet suits Erle?

Alder wood can be yellowish or reddish. A rather dark parquet, for example made of walnut,wenge or smoked oak,fits the yellowish color impact. Exotic wood species with a dark impact are an excellent blend to alder furniture, when the style of living is rather unusual and extravagant. The reddish wood variant harmonizes perfectly with a bright parquet floor,but also dark shades fit. Well suited is, for example, maple, mountain maple or birch for a bright soil. If you prefer the dark version, you are definitely right with walnut. Walnut wood adapts very well to light woods such as alouts. Of course, alder furniture can also be combined with coloured parquet in various shades. It also makes sense to pay attention to the grain. An even, fine grain is compatible with a lively parquet and vice versa.

Which parquet fits beech?

Furniture made of beech can be combined with a beech parquet flooring of the same colour. One should take care that the red content in the wood species in particular fits. There are bright beech parquet, but also reddish variations. The term “core beech” or red beech refers to the age and inner wood portion of a tree trunk, in which the reddish nuances predominate. The effect can be very subtle, with further color accents comes tension into the room. If you want a more lively style of furnishing, opt for a contrasting parquet floor. Beech furniture and a floor made of wenge or walnut make a noble effect. Exotic woods in dark colours are also very suitable as partners for furniture made of beech.

Which parquet fits oak furniture?

Oak is available in several gradations. It depends, among other things, on whether it is younger or older wood, and the surface treatment also has an influence on the hue. Oak furniture generally harmonizes well with oak parquet in exactly the same shade. However, this combination can seem a little boring. Additional accents are provided by table and chair legs made of metal instead of wood. A carpet is also a nice eye-catcher and loosens up the room.

Caution, if the oak parquet floor differs only slightly in color, in this case a stronger contrast is better. As an alternative, a parquet floor made of high-contrast wood is suitable. A dark floor fits with light oak furniture, a maple looks good with wild oak or darkened oak. An intense, dark parquet floor ingested looks elegant for furniture made of limed or white glazed oak. Rustic oak furniture is excellently compatible with a country-style floorboard,again, either the same hue or a contrasting wood colour is advisable.